Zoom Explore GTCE is founded by an ambitious young team of professionals with the idea to offer diverse cultural exchange programs with high service standards and excel in that field of work.

Our clients have the opportunity to participate and take the most of multiple programs – Work and Travel USA, Work and Travel UK, Internships USA, Work experience Greece&More, Seasonal Work on H2-B visa as well as Language courses abroad.

The managers and administrators at Zoom Explore  GTCE are experienced, creative, and ambitious young people, whose enthusiasm, devotion, and hard work are the ground for the stability of the organization and the power moving it ahead.

Latest WAT USA Offers

Student Work Offer for  in Denali, AK, USA

Denali, AK


Start date: 10.05.2019 | Hours per week: 35-40

$13.50 /hour

Student Work Offer for  in Provincetown, MA, USA

Provincetown, MA

Front Counter

Start date: 07.09.2019 | Hours per week: 32-40

$12.00 /hour

Student Work Offer for  in West Dennis, MA, USA

West Dennis, MA


Start date: 07.05.2019 | Hours per week: 32+

$12.00 /hour

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