image of What exactly does a server do?

The position of a server is what many Work and Travel participants aspire to attain.

However, what exactly does a server do? If you are not already familiar, you are about to find out.

A server’s primary duty is to provide customer service, take orders, and deliver food. Servers are expected to answer questions regarding the menu, and they also work closely with other waiter and kitchen staff in order to ensure that the restaurant is operating efficiently.

In fine dining restaurants, servers are more a part of the dining experience. That is, they make conversation with customers, and offer suggestions and recommendations, such as meal or wine pairings.

Additional duties of a restaurant server may include processing payments, greeting customers, and cleaning tables and setting the dining area.

Servers are usually paid a flat rate plus tips received from customers. Depending on the restaurant’s policy, tips are either pooled and divided equally between all the servers working, or kept by the individual server.