image of Zoom Travel GTCE Tips: How to book a cheap plane ticket

Zoom Travel GTCE is the only agency in Blagoevgrad that allows Work and Travel participants to book their own plane tickets. Because of this, we wanted to share with you several useful tips for buying a cheap plane ticket.

Tip #1 Search for flights midweek

Airlines are known to launch sales on Tuesday and end them on Thursday, so limiting your searches to the weekend might not be the best approach.

Tip #2 Try to fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday

Planes tend to be least full on these three days, so the flights then have the lowest fares. An additional perk of this strategy is that airports will not be too crowded.

Tip #3 Pick the right flight search engines

All online flight search engines have inflated ticket prices, because they take a cut from the airlines. However, some inflate their prices less than others. According to the website Thrifty Nomads, the online fight search engines that offer the best deals are Skyscanner, AirFare Watchdog, Momondo, JetRadar, Google Flights, and TripAdvisor.

Tip #4 Keep your flight searches top secret

If you want to see the lowest prices you either have to search for flights in incognito mode or to clear your cookies every time you make a search. This is so, because based on the cookies in your browser, flight prices increase when a certain route has been searched several times. Websites employ this strategy in order to scare you into booking flights quickly before prices get even higher.