image of Guiding Path for the Work & Travel Program

Step 1

Choose your program option and decide whether you want it to be self-arranged or if you prefer to choose the full service so we can ensure the job placement for you.

Step 2

Come to our office and begin your registration process. Bring your ID or passport to sign the contract with us and we will guide you on the other documents you need to bring to us. After signing the contract, you need to pay the first installment of your program fee within two weeks. The rest of the payment can be done partially throughout the process until the visa interview.

Step 3

Look through our hot job offers and choose the job that best suits your preferences. (If you independently choose your job, you need to have the job offer form filled in by your employer and we will take care of the rest of the procedures).

Step 4

Apply for the Visa and you will be assigned a specific date and time for your interview.

Step 5

Buy you plane ticket.

Step 6

Come by our office to attend our orientation sessions in order to clarify any cofusions or questions you might have over the program.

Step 7

Leave for the US and be ready to experience the most wonderful summer and build unforgetable memories.