1. What is Work and Travel USA?

    Work and Travel USA is a cultural exchange program, which gives full time students the opportunity to spend their summer break in the United States. Participants in the program are allowed to legally work in the States and to travel around the country before the program ends.

  2. How long does the program last?

    The Work and Travel, or WAT, program normally lasts a total of five months. Participant’s work permits expire in four months. Тhe fifth month is allocated for those who wish to spend some time travelling around the US.

  3. How do I apply for Work and Travel?

    That’s easy :) All you have to do is visit a Zoom Explore Office. Our employees will take it from there and will help you go through all the steps.

  4. How do I find a job?

    That depends on the type of contract you sign with us. You can choose our Full Service program. In this case we get you in contact with a wide range or employers. Your other option is to go for our Self Arrange program, in which case you can try to find your own job offer. Keep in mind, however, that there are certain restrictions as to the type of job you can get.

  5. Do I need to speak perfect English in order to participate in the program?

    No, speaking perfect English is not a requirement for participating in the program. It is good to have an intermediate level of English in order to pass your VISA interview, get by at your job, and have a comfortable stay in the States. However, you should not worry about not speaking perfect English. You can even look at the program as an opportunity to improve your English skills.

  6. Where in the USA is my placement going to be?

    The job placements usually are in small tourist cities and villages, where you can experience the real american lifestyle. Sometimes, but rarely, we can provide a placement in a bigger city, but it has to be bound with the hospitality industry.

  7. What about the UK?

    We can place a student anywhere in the UK depending on the free possitions in the country at the point of inquiery. We will send your CV to employers who are looking to hire a person with your capabilities. After that we wait for an interview. We are going to contact you as soon as an employer gets in touch with us regarding your CV. 

  8. Can I do any position in the UK?

    You can apply to do any position of which you have previous experience and the required language level. It is necessary to have some previous work experience for eg. as a waiter/waitress if you apply for this hospitality position in the UK. Hotel require staff with experience in most positions, however they will give you the extra training you need and enable you to develop both your skills and language ability to work competently in the UK. Everyone will be required to have a flexible and hardworking attitude towards work.

  9. What is National Inshurance?

    National Insurance is a social security tax that everyone who works must pay. You cannot claim back. You will also need to get a National insurance number and your manager will explain this to you and assist in you obtaining this.

  10. Why must I pay taxes?

    In the USA, as well as in th UK, you have to pay the local taxes. In most of the cases you can claim your taxes back. For the USA you will need to have a W2 form or you last payslip from all jobs you had during the summer. For the UK you have to get a P45 from your host placement at the end of your placement period and you will need to complete a P85 form. ​

  11. What happens if I don't like the placement?

    If you don't like the placeement in the USA, you have to contact your sponsor agency and they are going to make the arrangements to change your placement if they see fit to do so. 

    If you don't like the placement in the UK, you have to contack your agent, so he can make the arrangements for your next possition. However this is subject to us receiving a satisfactory report from your manager and you have also put any complaint in writing via email. It can take up to 30 days to find you a new position; however we work as quickly as possible to move you.

  12. What happens if my employer terminates my contract before the end date of my contract?

    If your training in the UK is terminated because the placement no longer has space for you and it is no fault of your own, we will find you an alternative placement. However, if your placement is terminated because you haven’t performed well or you have committed a gross misconduct, we will not seek a further placement for you and you will have to return home or find your own placement.

    In the USA you have to contact your sponsor agency so they can find you another suitable placement, if you already do not have one.

  13. Some examples of reasons to terminate a placement due to "my fault"

    There are many examples of where employment can be terminated or “Sacked” as it is commonly known. Here are some examples of reasons why some of our previous people have been sacked.

    • Lateness for start of shift
    • Finishing your shift early without permission
    • Being unfriendly or argumentative with colleagues or management.
    • Not being flexible
    • Giving away drinks to friends, this is considered to be theft.
    • Telling host placement or colleagues that they are leaving before their notice period (read further)
    • Being rude to customers.
    • Work quality not to the standards that is expected.
    • Damaging host placement property.
    • Illegal conduct.

    There are obviously other reasons why someone can be sacked but no host placement enjoys sacking someone and host placements normally have a good reason for doing this.


  14. Where will I live while I'm in the USA/UK?

    Usually all empployers provide housing for their trainees and empoyees. if the offer you like doesn't come with a housing, your agent will help you find the perfect one.