It was my second summer I experienced the Work & Travel program in the same island, Nantucket, in Massachusetts. Although it was the second time I was going to the same island, I still experienced it as it was for the first time. The island is amazing and I got the chance to explore a lot of historic places, beaches and other places inside the island. I liked my job and the co-workers were collaborative, helpful and fun to work with. Your agency was really helpful throughout the whole documentation process and I appreciate your assistance and advice for the whole program. I am a junior this year and I would love to try the program this upcoming summer as well. I would like to work with your agency again and I am looking forward to starting the procedures for this upcoming summer season.

Krasmen Rekaj

My summer in the States went well. This was my first year going to the United States and I will go again next year. The only thing I did not like was my job. I worked as a lifeguard. It was just too boring for me and I couldn’t get enough hours working, and because of this I had to look for a second job. But I met great people there, which for me is the most important thing. Zoom Travel was really supportive. I got responses quickly and fully whenever I needed assistance. And, about the job itself, maybe it was just not the right match for me. It may be a really good job for some people. I had a few coworkers, who were going back there for the second or third year in a row, so I guess it just depends.

Damir Dosken

Overall, I had a nice summer. The only thing I did not like about my stay in the States was that the town where I was working did not offer a lot of entertainment options, so it was a bit boring. But, despite this, things went the way your agency told me that they would. The people I worked for were really nice and helpful. This was not my first summer in the States. However, the previous year I went with another agency. I am planning on participating in a Work and Travel program again. I am not sure if I will be going to the US again. I might go to the UK instead, just to get a change of environment.

Mihaela Bacheva

My summer was good. I worked all the time, which was the purpose of my stay there, so I am happy with how my program went. Zoom Travel was really helpful in preparing and organizing my trip. It was my third summer going to the States with the help of tis agency. I am not sure if I will be going on Work and Travel again, simply because I am a senior this year.

Tetyana Lyashenko

I am very pleased. I gain invaluable experience and good memories. I was in Casper, Wyoming - unusual place. Suitable for people who love to be outdoors and like nature.

Boris Stoyanov