J-1 Summer Work and Travel program in the United States provides opportunities for participants to work during their university summer vacations as well as travel and visit famous places  in the U.S.
If you want to work in the United States during your university vacation,than this program is right for you! Each year thousands of  students participate in Work and Travel USA and create positive memories and experiences for a lifetime! You will be able to see a new country, improve your English skills, make new friendships, share your culture, gain more work experience, and earn money at the same time to finance your trip. Once finished with your program, take 30 days off totravel and explore the USA, visit all the places you’ve dreamed of.

We will be next to you every step of the way and we look forward to help you makeyour adventure in the USA!

We have two options for you:

  1. Self placement option
    You should find your own job offer, which you submit to Zoom Explore GTCE.  
  2. Full placement 
    We will provide you with our list of job offers, that you can apply for.

Our service includes:

  • DS-2019 Form required to apply for your J-1 Work and Travel Visa also called Work permit;
  • Interview, orientation, and support;
  • Useful program and cultural information;
  • Full support in applying for J-1 visa;
  • Monitoring and support of your program from start to finish;
  • Coordination of your work and travel program health insurance;
  • 24-hour emergency phone number and support.

What is not included:

  • Visa fee – 160$;
  • SEVIS – 35$;
  • Plane ticket;
  • Housing expenses during your stay in the USA

For every friend you bring to our office, you will get $25 OFF your program!

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Latest WAT USA Offers

Student Work Offer for  in Denali, AK, USA

Denali, AK


Start date: 10.05.2019 | Hours per week: 35-40

$13.50 /hour

Student Work Offer for  in Provincetown, MA, USA

Provincetown, MA

Front Counter

Start date: 07.09.2019 | Hours per week: 32-40

$12.00 /hour

Student Work Offer for  in West Dennis, MA, USA

West Dennis, MA


Start date: 07.05.2019 | Hours per week: 32+

$12.00 /hour