“Do something today that your future self will thank you for “

Want to build a secure future? You already have experience and want to prove what you learn in a professional environment? 

Join the training program in the UK!

Training program in the UK offers you a job on a 12-month period. After finishing the contract we are offering you the opportunity to get a permanent contract.

You don’t have to be a student or graduate, you only need to have experience and be under 35 years old!

For couples warrant placing together!

The minimum wage in the UK is £ 6,50 /h - £ 7.50 /h , The minimum in Ireland is 9.15 euro/hour.

Domains available:

  • Hospitality (bar, restaurant, hotel)
  • Social Care

Jobs available:

Waiters, Bartenders, Cooks, Chefs, Proofreaders, Chambermaid, Reception.


  • Aged between 18-35 years
  • Knowledge of English at a conversational level
  • 6 months experience in the domain (recommended)

What we offer?

  • A job for sure
  • Interview with the employer ( SKYPE )
  • Your placement based training
  • We will then arrange with you the journey in the United Kingdom. This is your expense, but we can offer a welcome service if you want to use this.
Documents required:

It’s simple! You only need:

  • Application form (you can get it from our Office)
  • Full CV in English with picture
  • Any qualifications or diplomas obtained.
  • A copy of passport and ID
  • References from previous jobs (past 5 years)
  • Payment of registration tax of 100 GBP and program tax 300 GBP more
  • * All documents must be translated into English

Cost of the program:
In Bulgaria:

  • Consulting tax:  450 GBP
  • Deposit required 100 GBP (the rest 350 GBP need to be paid after signing the work contract)
    PLACEMENTS:Vacancies are throughout the UK, but cannot guarantee a specific area.Examples of jobs: Bartender, Bar Staff, Bell Attendant, Bellboy, Busser, Dishwasher, Food, Food Runner, Server, Host, Hostess, Room Attendant, Valet Parking Attendant, Waiter, Waitress, Wait Staff, etc.Salary in the UK is at least £ 6.50 per hour but can increase depending on the employer and the position occupied.

Steps for registering in the program:

 We have plenty of job offers and we offer the best service!!!

  1. Send us your CV;
  2. UK partner we will confirm if you are eligible for the program;
  3. Paid registration tax and consultancy;
  4. Interview with UK partner via Skype or Phone;
  5. Search for a job and accommodation;
  6. The offer shall be signed;
  7. We inform you about the travel arrangements;
  8. You will get support 24/7 during the time you’re gone from the UK partner

Contact us for more details.

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